The AGH-University of Science and Technology (AGH-UST) was established in 1919 as University of Mining and until 2002 it was known as University of Mining and Metallurgy. At present AGH-UST is the second largest Polish technical university comprising 15 Faculties, which cover a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied sciences, ranging from traditional mining and metallurgy through fuels and energy, nuclear physics, electrical engineering, ICT, to management and social sciences. AGH-UST has about 32 000 students, 4 200 employees, 256 professors. The University has well established links with international research community, participating in many international programs, including the Framework Programs.

The Faculty of Energy and Fuels of AGH-UST combines research and teaching in the traditional coal and oil areas with research on renewable energy sources, fuel cells, energy efficiency and sustainable energy policies. The staff of the Faculty consists of above 100 people, including 16 professors and 91 other researchers and has participated in many international projects. The examples include projects implemented within various EU programmes, notably EIE, FP7, FP6, ALTENER, SAVE, several USAID projects (demonstration, training and strengthening of local SMEs in thermal retrofits of buildings in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine), the GEF demonstration and research project of efficient lighting (Polish Efficient Lighting Project, PELP), the latter in cooperation with the EEACSE Faculty. The role of AGH-UST in the REFLEX-project it the modelling and analysis of the EU heat sector.

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